Cities of the East

Isinar – The largest cities in Andoria are on the southern coast. Large fleets of trading vessels seek the bounty of resources to be found in the east. Timber, Clay, Iron and Coal are sold at a fair market value in the southern regions and always in high demand. The largest city east of the razorpeaks is the free city of Isinar. Named in honor of a a local druid, Urias Isinar is the largest hub of activity on Andoria, this region is the heart of human activity and and the largest port city on Andoria.

Clesia – This small costal village has a long history. Early settlers built their homes near the mouth of the Aldon river. This village has sturdy wooden walls that are well maintained. The river is wide and rocky at its mouth, but it has also been a source of gold for some of the lucky prospectors in the area. This village also has a fine stable. Some of the best horses in all of Andoria can be found in this area. Because of recent gold activity theres gold fever in the air, and many poor prospectors have found their way to this over populated city, desperate for goods and services of all kinds.

Ridgecrest – Near the southern edge of the Tilderan forest lies the village of Ridgecrest. This sleepy vale sits in the mouth of a valley as it stretches outward onto the plains to the south. This village is about 3-4 days ride north of Clesia. Ridgecrest is a modest town that sees mostly through traffic. Traders and caravans use this small town as a resting point on the road north. The town of Ridgecrest water supply comes from artesian wells that come out of the hillside and flow into large basins.

Amarathor – This small city is about 3-4 days ride north of Tormos. Primarily a logging settlement theres many rangers and hunters in this town as well. With a population around 650 people, this town is goverened only by its mayor, Henrick Tarbor. Much of this cities food is provided by local hunters or it’s carted up from the south.

Other Places

Blackwing Mire – A foul swamp in the north east, facing the scar. This bog is said to be one of the most treacherous places on all of Andoria.

Tidewater Marsh – Long ago a prosperous kingdom fell into ruin after a disasterous tidal surge that soaked the land with brackish water. With so much chaos, the king was overthrown by the starving pesants, many sought greener pastures. Much of the estates fell into ruin and decay, eventually being taken over by a dark paladin named Daemon Blightwater, a follower of Namora goddess of darkwater.


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