Elven people settled in many different places throught the land, each colony developing differently in their new homelands.

Some elves traveled north and were enchanted by the beauty of the ice and snow. These were the first of the Frost Elves, known as the Corinasti.

Far to the south safely hidden in a lost land the Saarinasti or Golden Elves have prospered in the enchanted forest of Endrenos.

A colony of elves settled deep in the razorpeaks. They have never prospered, but their magic is able to call up the earth and shape it like only the most powerful wizards can do. With the Gaianasti elves even young children can shape stone into useful objects with ease. This reclusive colony of elves dwell deep in the Razorpeaks.

The final colony settled in a deep lake and dwelt underwater. They learned to survive below the surface of the water, even breath it like air without the aid of magic. The number of these aquatic elves is unknown, in fact, little is known about them at all. Historians call them the Aquinasti


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