An enduring and unique part of Andoria, The Graylands are the result of an ancient glacial till scraping the continent down to the very bedrock in some areas. The glacier also left large deposits of sand and rocks in some areas which are now partly responsible for the unique terrain in the central westlands. This process exposed bedrock contains the largest abundance of stone and marble in all of the known world, making the ideal conditions for large quarries and low cost stone structures.

Long ago a paladin named Ethan Umbrasine sought to make a temple here to honor his diety Palis god honor and purity. He hired a small group of stonemasons and tasked them to build the temple, which is now the location of the largest city in the land, and the capital city for the human civilization, Umbria.

Here he also tasked the masons to build a large fortress set on a hill that has been carved by the Akari river, the defenses of this area are legendary, and with unmatched millitary power Umbria has always inspired bards to write endless ballads declaring its greatness, and the loyalty of many surrounding knights and lords.

Six other paladins eventually built keeps in The Graylands and swore allegiance to Ethan which greatly expanded the boundries of the Umbrian lands.

For now Umbria remains the capital of the Westlands. However, recent events may begin to unravel this tightly woven thread. Recently the long reigning king of Umbria died unexpectedly which has thrown the kingdom into chaos.

Creatures that may be encountered in The Graylands include Stonebreaker Goblins, Gray Renders, Stone Giants, Galeb Duhr, Rock Spiders.


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