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The known history of Andoria dates back for over 2,000 years…

Ancient legends passed down from generation to generation tell the stories of their unending struggle to survive and subdue this savage land.

Long before the modern civilizations of Andoria, a powerful society of druids were the only source of law in this untamed wilderness. Over the years their presence was the force that nurtured and protected the civilized races of Andoria. The druids were the first to document and explore this great lands abundant resources and it’s deadly secrets. Thanks to their long heritage The Druids of Andoria still hold much power in the cities and wilds.

Pioneering humans and elves saw opportunity to expand their horizons and started a new life from far from their homelands, eventually bringing other races to these new lands. Many centuries and generations passed, overcoming increasingly difficult expansion into the heartland of Andoria. Spreading westward across the Tilderan Forest, to the jagged Razorpeaks the early pioneers settled thought the land. Still many areas remain wild, unexplored and uncharted to humankind.

Over the last 800 years the costal cities in the eastern lands have grown and prospered. Unsettling rumors of fierce red-skinned orcs roam the rocky northern regions, but thanks to the tireless efforts of the druids and rangers the eastern lands of Andoria have seen many years of prosperity.

The reclusive elven people have only small presence in the Eastlands of Andoria and are not often seen in cities. Their gold skinned cousins have lived secretly confined in a uncharted vale deep in the Southern Razorpeaks. Over hundreds of years a mineral in the diet of the Saarinasti has permanently altered the color of their skin. Uncommon among the cities of humans the Elves have always been highly skilled in archery and craft some of the finest bows in all of Andoria.

Over the last thousand years grand human cities and fortresses were built and began to fly the banners of a feudal society. This period was bloody and cost the lives of many brave warriors, and yielded little benefit to any involved. Most of the cities of Andoria govern themselves as independent cities, under the rule of elected officials. Only the Umbrian kingdom in the Graylands still cling to the old feudal ways.

Andoria is also a land of magic. Long ago The Gods built secret shrines to guard powerful artifacts created to maintain the balance of power in the land. Few remember such lore and those who do know only little of these mysterious and powerful shrines. Each element, earth, water, wind, and fire are governed by an elemental orb, as well as the forces of, light, dark and creation. Powerful guardians eternally protect the orbs to maintain the balance, but a shadow grows in this vast land… and some now seek the orbs that would use their power to do terrible things unto the land and the people of Andoria.

Thousands of years ago, the northern half of Andoria split causing a deep fissure that filled with ocean water, known to many as The Scar. Not much is known about the cause of this massive shift, except the landmasses are still moving apart from each other.

The Northern Lands of Andoria is mostly covered with ice and snow. Many deadly creatures dwell in the frozen north. There are native tribes that survive the frigid conditions, including the Frost Elves. These hearty elves have learned magic to manipulate ice, their skin tone changing to a pale white granting them effective camouflage in this frigid wilderness.

Andoria is a land of Secret Societies that conspire to protect,destroy, or conquer the people and lands of Andoria. Some swear oaths to protect the forest and woodlands, others bow to the will of dark gods that inspire chaos and destruction.

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