Northern Lands

Two thousand years ago a cataclysm struck the continent of Andoria in twain, creating a large rift between the continents that were once as one. The Northern land are seperated by over 100 miles in most parts by a region known as The Scar.

Deep in the heart of the icy peaks one will find caverns that are warmed from deep within the earth, thawing the ice and creating beautiful hot springs and mineral pools in underground caverns.

Tribes of native peoples survive in this land, near the outskirts of the tundra. The icy covering seems to be a strange phenomenon, as much of the edges of the land are warmer than the central areas. A frozen lake sits in the center of the continent, known as Ovoca to the natives or “winters kiss”.

The frost elves also dwell in this frozen land, and have often been a helpful ally to the natives of this land.

Northern Lands

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