The Razorpeaks form a broad mountainous barrier that divide the continent of Andoria. The Westlands have been populated with humankind for severa centuries years longer than the East. However, the vast size of the Eastlands holds great appeal for many pioneering humans and other races to inhabit.

This immense mountain range hides many secrets and great dangers lurk in it’s seemingly endless peaks.

Much of the tectonic activity is convergent, two great masses of land are pushing against each other over a great many years have driven up a spectactular mountain range.

The Path of Iros is the most widely used footpath over the mountains, still a harrowing climb, only navigable on foot. For experienced mountaineers the trek across the Razorridge takes roughly fourteen days.

In the western foothills, the desert village of Mirage sits at the entrance of the path, offering reasonable accomidiations for those who would travel this high and rocky path. Climbing supplies can be purchased here at substantially higher cost due to scarcity and high demand. Weary travelers can rest at The Oasis before their ascent, the only inn available in this barren land.

The northern heart of the Razorpeaks is alive with volcanic activity. Several large volcanos belch forrth firey magma and ash clouds. This enormous mountian range hides many perils and few adventures are adept enough to explore in such difficult conditions.

The Trifornax or (Three Furnaces) are three large valcanos that have been a continous source of firey hot magma that never seems to diminish in intensity. This area is abundant with firey creatures like salamanders, red dragons, fire giants and even pheonix. The bitter pools of tar and byproducts of the magma run off into streams that flow to the westlands, polluting the groundwater which kill much of the green vegetation.

West of the Three Furnaces dwell the dwarven people. Over the years they have defended their homes in the Razorpeaks with no quarter for their attackers.

East of the Three Furnaces is known as The Land Of The Giants. Hidden in the rocky peaks The Land Of The Giants is isolated from the central area of the Eastlands. For the most part the giant clans seem content to battle amongst each other, but their anger can easily reach the red skin orc tribes to the south or even the centaur clans deep in The Ulmus commonly referred to as The Great Forest.


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