Secret Societies

Umbrian Imperial Guard

Considered a secret society by some, the Umbrian Imperial Guard are duty sworn to protect the Umbria’s royal familys.

Trained by weapon masters from a young age, these honorbound guardsbare techniques are unmatched in physical combat. When they become a fully sworn imperial guard they receive a ornate suit of full plate mail that is specially made for each knight.

The Umbrian Imperial Guard must endure a grueling initation ritual that remains a secret rite of passage into the Umbrian Imperial Order.

Many paladins seek this path as it is a position reserved for the most righteous and lawful of the knights.

Gray Cloaks

The Gray Cloaks are the oldest secret society in Andoria. This society has long held some amazing assets like; maps, lore, and relics of great power.

This secret society is many reserved for rangers, bards, and druids who’s actions have shown them to be defenders of the realm.

Galen Ashe is the head of the Gray Cloaks and a master marksman and skilled fighter with a blade.

He has a cabin in shadowfell where he resides, watching over the Tilderan and keeping a watchful eye on riftwood.

Druids of Sicoris

Over the years the Druids of Sicoris have gathered in secret locations mostly to discuss the most reasonable ways of maintaining a balance between the light and dark side of Andoria.

Mason Corley has the highest rank among the druids, this give him the status of arch druid.

Eviaseria’s Avengers

This longstanding group of dark paladins are oathsworn to serve the mistress of shadows.

They hail from the Eastlands, far from civilized society they live by the laws set forth by Evaserra. In the past they have burned and pillaged several cities in the Eastlands. Many in the east fear these dark paladins, they fight with discipline yet they do so agains the forces of light.

Currently they inhabit a ruined keep in the Saltmarshes of the east land where the ground is tainted by salt and dark magics.

The Crimson Hand

Cult of mage killers, seeking to eliminate the arcane from the face of Andoria. Their headquarters and leader are unknown, and their orginization is still less than a decade old but they have quite a following of warriors who fear the power of mages.

Secret Societies

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