The Gods

God Names:

  • Palis – God of Light

Pailis diety of light is the embodiment of purity and honor. His worshippers are usually Paladins or Good aligned clerics.

  • Evasira – God of Darkness

Known as ‘The Dark Star’ Evasira is the embodiment of evil and cunning spite. She prefers to manipulate her earthly servants to getting involved directly in most situations. Her worshippers are usually Avengers or Evil aligned clerics.

  • Dios – God of Death

The caretaker of souls, Dios collects the dead and puts their essence in the well of souls. The well is where all new souls flow from when new life is created. Dios does not have a pressing need for followers, because his involvment in the affairs of the world few. All necromantic magic is controlled by Dios.

  • Unidine – God of Water

Lord of the Waves, Unidine is the favored god of merchants, sailors, and seafolk. He has a moderate following with priests to tend to and cleanse the waters of Andoria. His priest are usually Good or Neutral aligned.

  • Infernus – God of Fire

Infernus god of fire and flame has a moderate following. Many battlemages who wield fire give thanks to him, as well as Chaotic Aligned clerics.

  • Krum – God of Earth

Mainly the god of the dwarves. Krum looks after the dwarven people and they worship him in shrines and temples built on and underneath the mountains regoins of Andoria.

  • Aeros – God of Wind

Areos the keeper of the winds has a moderate following with sailors, rangers, and creatures of the air. Areos controls much of the skys and weather of Andoria. His followers are spread far across the land, choosing to build shrines far from civilization.

  • Io – God of Creation

Io is a force that binds and controls the flow of all things physical on Andoria. He has a moderate following from craftsmen and those who work with their hands or minds look to Io for inspiration. Most druids also worship Io.

  • Chronos – God of Time

Chronos is the keeper of time, he has little concern for affairs of Andoria, his following is quite small. Those that do find favor with Chronos may be able to manipulate the flow of time in large or small ways.

The Gods

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