The Scar

The Scar – The sea region between the northern and southern continents of Andoria.

The Scar was caused during an extremely strong earthquake that shifted the crust of Andoria. About 1500 years ago a deep rift opened in the Razorpeaks between the north and the south continents and filled with ocean water. The continental masses have been slowly drifing apart ever since.

As the scar has aged, the weather has become highly unpredictable, with violent storms and malestroms that have carried many sailors to the depths. Old sailor stories tell of brave men who died trying to sail throught The Scar.

There was once a great sea captain that has successfully navigated the deep current maelstrom, but he has not been seen for quite some time among the cities of the west.

Rumor is a great sea creature sailors call the krakken dwells in the depths of The Scar. This creature is clearly illustrated in the native folklore of the tribal villages of the Northlands. Few captians will sail to this area any longer because of the great peril to man and ship, sea birds even seem to steer clear of the scar.

The ocean here is incredibly deep here and the waves rough.

A good many rivers run into the Scar from the Northlands filling the Scar with rich minerals that attract sea life. The bio diversity of this area is quite wide with fish and whales feeding on the rich plankton plumes.

The Scar

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