This ancient forest blankets much of northwest Andoria. Several well established human cities harvest timber from the forest and float much of it down river to satisfy an unending demand for timber in the Umbrian provinces. Over many centuries these logging villages have grown into cities and prospered.

Ashvale is positioned on the southern border of the Tilderan Forest, where an unusually large species of tree provides a unique environment ideal breeding grounds for griffons. They make large nests high in the Mountain Ash trees where they are safe from predators. These enormous trees also produce large edible fruits that fall from great distances, making it hazardous to live or travel beneath them.

Deep in the heart of the Tilderan lies the town of Shadowfell. Much of this settlements food comes from hunting, local gardens, and orchards. The surrounding forest is rich with herbs and spices that are difficult or impossible to find in other parts of Andoria. Many rangers also hunt for not only food, but hides which are mainly used for clothing and armor.

Greenbriar has had quite an effect on the Western Tilderan Forest. Logging has brought prosperity to the city, and with the help of rangers and druids the trees are cut to promote harmony with the the forest. There are some trading companies that are starting to log the forest more aggressively, driving a wedge in the relations with the elves to the north.

Many other unusual woodland creatures dwell in the Tilderan. Wolves, Bears, and Spiders roam in the depths of the forest, hunting for easy prey. It is known that magical pools exist in parts the Tilderan that connect to other worlds. There are many forest lakes and springs but only a handful in a specific part of the forest known as Riftwood are rumored to act as a gate.

The elves have a hidden city Tirralorian the northern reaches of the Tilderan and do little but worry about protecting their lands from the minatours to the east. The forest elves have long remained secretive, cloaking their cities with powerful magic.

Part of the Tilderan Forest has been corrupted by the Blackmire and now feeds on flesh and blood. These twisted treants kill creatures and bury them in the ground to feed on them using their roots. These vampiric trees are known as Blackroot, they will often blend in with other trees, waiting for a chance to strike.


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